Dissociation, the Downside to Coconut Flour, and Mastering Your Food

In the last two weeks, I’ve shared two recipes that use coconut flour–one for Coconut Flour Pancakes, another for Healthy Fried Chicken Strips. Still, I don’t think you should regularly eat coconut flour. There are actually times when it’s not a good idea to have it. And the frequency it should be eaten will vary from...
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What Kinds of Foods Do Goddesses Eat? Your Guide

In last week’s post, I promised I would share with you an easy-peezy guide to understanding how to identify foods that are the bedrock of The Goddess Lifestyle–an anti-inflammatory diet that’s chock full of nutrient-dense foods (read: awesome for weight loss and maintenance, vitality, disease prevention, hormone balancing,...
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Why Is Saturated Fat Good For You? 6 Reasons (PART ONE)

Why Is Saturated Fat Good For You?
If you follow diet and nutrition news, you may have caught wind that saturated fat has gotten an unwarranted bad wrap. In fact, it’s healthy. But why is saturated fat good for you? I’ve been on the front lines of the saturated fat advocacy movement. Simply put: you must eat more saturated fat to feel healthy, energetic, nourished,...
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