Hi, I'm Erika Herman, Solver of Complex Chronic Health Problems, Functional Health Consultant + Nutritionist, Toxin + Detox Expert, Bestselling Author of Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess: The Untold Story of Healthy Foods, and Creator + Host of Erika Herman's TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION.  

I revolutionize healing and thriving opportunities by unifying Real Food Nutrition with Mind-Body Integration, and Individualized Biochemistry, empowering women and men who have tried everything to finally--sustainably--detox, get energized and reverse aging in a delicious, science-backed, hype-free way that's right for them.

My strength lies in uncovering hidden or overlooked patterns of complex chronic illness in clients' functional lab test results and histories, and designing bio-individualized and safe healing protocols that get results.   

I debunk hype and misinformation with hardcore critical thinking and research at every turn because I love it as much as I love the endless wonders of the human body, food, science, liberated intelligent living made simple, and unraveling biochemical mysteries. 

My work is based on 18+ years of research and experimentation with real food nutrition science, functional nutrition, biochemistry, nutrigenomics, and mind-body integrative practices, as well as guiding countless women and men of all ages and walks of life (from stay-at-home moms and dads to A-list celebrities, high-powered attorneys, and seasoned medical professionals).

One of my specialties is biotoxin illlness (mold, Lyme and its co-infections), manifesting as CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), or autoimmunity, based on my research, work with clients, and my personal experience with mold illness. I am proud to be an Affiliate Member of ISEAI (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness).

I also present at media events, summits, workshops and seminars.

I understand first-hand what it's like. I have overcome my own health issues (minor, life-threatening, and everything in between), making me keenly aware of the emotional and psychological influences at play in the transformational process. I regard my role as a guide with great reverence, and both my clients’ triumphs and frustrations as beautiful and necessary parts of an ever-unfolding story.

To boot, I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, specializing in Yin and restorative forms, informed by my fifteen-year practice, as well as my studies in mindfulness, somatic psychology, trauma, Meridian Theory, neuroscience, and HeartMath.

I'm excited to empower your TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION!

Erika's most popular speaking topics include:

  • Investigating the Root Causes of Complex Chronic Illness: Why You're Not Getting Better
  • Toxins & Detox in the 21st Century
  • Natural Individualized Healing for Anxiety, Depression & Mood Disorders
  • How to Cleanse with Real Food
  • The Satisfying Way to Conquer Cravings and Emotional Eating


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