Microwave Oven Dangers

Microwave Oven Dangers Are Real

Is all that talk about microwave oven dangers real? Substantial evidence exists that points to a blaring yes. I Haven't Owned a Microwave for Twenty Years Personally, I haven't owned a microwave since
Sugar Free Hot Apple Cider Recipe

Sugar Free Hot Apple Cider Recipe (Low Carb)

Nothing spells winter like hot apple cider! Unfortunately, most recipes are sugar-laden. Just a little can totally derail your healthy-eating efforts. Fortunately, my Sugar Free Hot Apple Cider Recipe is
The Healthiest Cooking Oil

What Is the Healthiest Cooking Oil?

What is the healthiest cooking oil? There's an overabundance of options out there, with equally as much misinformation--canola oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil--the list goes on. With all the confusion

Spiced Trail Mix Recipe (sugar free, low carb)

Treat everyone's taste buds with this easy to make Spiced Holiday Trail Mix recipe. It's delicious, sugar-free, and low carb. It's also perfect for the holidays. Whether you're the host or the guest,
Low Carb Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Recipe

How to Make Sugar Free Hot Cocoa (Low Carb)

Baby, it's cold outside! Treat your Valentine, or warm up during the cold winter months with Sugar Free Hot Cocoa.  This low carb recipe is chocolate-y, creamy, satisfying, and rich in