How to Make Gummy Candy (Gut Healing, Low Carb, Low Sugar)

Here’s how to make gummy candy that’s gut healing, low carb, and low sugar–and super-easy.

You won’t be able to eat just one–and you shouldn’t!

Health Benefits

This simple real-food gummy candy recipe

  • is a delicious part of an anti-inflammatory diet
  • rich in quality protein (not a complete protein, but good quality)
  • supports collagen production, making it great for joint and hair/skin/nail health
  • supports gut healing (gelatin is very healing for the gut-lining)
  • supports balanced blood sugar (unlike it’s junk-food counterpart, it’s very low in sugar, and low carb)
  • supports cleansing and detoxification (both quality protein and beets support detox).


I use Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice.

You can make more than the below at a time, but the following would be the proportions on which to base greater quantities.

  • 2/3 cup fresh filtered water
  • 1/3 cup beet juice
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice (do not use those junk concentrated varieties; if you use fresh lemon juice from lemons be sure to thoroughly strain, as you do not want pulp in your mixture)
  • Stevia to taste (I eyeball this and taste-test, using a dusting of stevia; I have found the liquid mix of ingredients should taste a little too sweet to ensure proper sweetness once cooled and solid)
  • 2 Tbsp grass-fed gelatin (I like Great Lakes’s Gelatin)

Instructions: How to Make Gummy Candy

Mix all ingredients but gelatin into ceramic nonstick pan.

Heat on low-medium heat.

As mixture gets warm (not too hot, not boiling), whisk in one tablespoon of gelatin at a time.

How to Make Gummy Candy

Once mixture is homogeneously mixed, immediately pour into measuring cup with pour-spout. Stir with whisk from time to time between pouring into silicone molds (or for a more Jell-O-like dessert, pour into a pyrex/silicone dish).

How to Make Gummy Candy

I like to place my filled molds (or (un-lidded) Pyrex dish) in the freezer first for about 15-20 minutes to speed up the solidifying process. Then I pop any gummies in the silicone molds into a sealed glass/Pyrex container and store in the fridge. (For the non-molded gummy candy/Jell-O), I simply leave it in its Pyrex dish, pop the lid on, and store in the fridge.

Good for at least a few days stored in the fridge (same as would be the case for junk Jell-o), but it probably won’t last very long anyway 😉

Now you know how to make gummy candy yourself, using real food ingredients, so you can avoid the junk and support health and healing.

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