Natural Health and Wellness Minus the Hype with Erika Herman

Hi, I’m Erika.

I revolutionize all things natural health and wellness for intelligent women and men who are sick of BS so they can finally, sustainably...

Get more energy
Heal from chronic health problems
Reverse aging
Optimize immune resilience
Learn about + tackle the deepest root causes of disease +  health
And navigate the unique challenges of the 21st century... a hype-free way that's right for them.

Natural Health and Wellness Minus the Hype with Erika Herman

Believe it or not, I don’t believe real food is the end-all-be-all. Yes, you heard me.

I focused on a real food diet--for years. Personally and professionally.

I even wrote, researched, self-published, and marketed a book about real food that achieved bestseller-status multiple times (back before there were courses and coaches about self-publishing on every corner): Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess: The Untold Story of Healthy Foods.

Yes, I started my natural health and wellness journey with real food. Yes, I wholeheartedly committed to my meticulous, scientific exploration of real food.

But I kept spinning my wheels. I still struggled with a slew of nagging health issues.

So I resorted to what so many of us resort to: something I've come to call nutritional gymnastics and nutritional contortionism. Basically, I attempted all manner of creative nutritional twists and turns and stretches to "fix" my issues. More of this, less of that, out with that old thing, in with this new thing. Try this new food/supplement because I read some compelling research. Stop this old food/supplement because I read some other compelling research.

Some negative health issues cleared up, while others persisted. Some were minor annoyances. Some compromised my quality of life. Some became life-threatening.

And this wasn’t simply because I wasn’t eating the “right” real foods (one of the seemingly “progressive” health-expert angles that still narrowly focuses on food). 

No. I was doing everything right. Or so I thought...

It took me years, but I would soon discover that, in the 21st century - with its pile of stressors and toxic influences - real food isn’t enough. Healthy food is critical for good health.

But it’s not and never will be enough.

Turns out, I needed a more holistic approach to natural health and wellness that went deeper than even the most seemingly “progressive” approaches. I needed an incisive approach that included:

Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Open-mindedness
A Bio-Individualized Real Food Diet
Lab Work (test don’t guess!)
A Truly Functional Approach to Health and Nutrition (more on a functional approach below)
Bio-Individualized Supplements
Mind-Body (Somatic) Practices
Lifestyle Practices
Attention to Environmental Health
Self-Awareness Education about my unique physical, psychological, and emotional constitutions
Relational AwarenessEducation (for my relationship with myself and others)
And more.

Turns out, all these things influence one another.

Turns out, my clients also needed and positively responded to the same--both my clients who were generally healthy but just needed a little help, and those struggling with complex, chronic problems.

And I’m convinced you need a more holistic - and incisive - approach to natural health and wellness too.

This is why and how I started TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION®

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Are You Overlooking Symptoms?

Over the years in my functional health and nutrition consulting work, I came to realize how often my clients would respond with an “I don’t think so” when I’d ask if they were experiencing certain symptoms.

Even though their lab work and other symptoms suggested a different answer.

Sure enough, within a few months, my clients would tell me they realized they actually did experience those symptoms. They just didn't notice them because they had lived with them for so long.

Their bodies were talking--crying out--but their symptoms had become like white noise.

Something similar happens when I hear (in real life or on social media) a well-meaning and intelligent person claim she "cured" her autoimmunity or other big health problem with a real food diet.

She claims to know this because certain symptoms went away when she changed her diet. Maybe she even had a few labs run and they looked “good.”

Then I hear her mention a bunch of seemingly “unrelated” symptoms. Maybe not in the same moment. But another conversation, or further social media posts/blogs/videos reveal a more complicated bigger picture she hasn't yet considered.

I know from my research and years as a functional practitioner that

Those symptoms ARE often related.
Something deeper connects and underpins seemingly unrelated symptoms.
She likely didn't "cure" her big health problem.
She felt comforted by a story she told herself.
The right questions, right labs, right lab-analysis and right narrative would back this up. And it's not her fault.
She was tapping all resources she was aware of--and then some!--to achieve what she achieved.
She had probably worked with doctors and practitioners who couldn’t (fully) help her.
She lacked the frame of reference (science, language, etc.) to make sense of what she was feeling.
Or she was out-of-touch with her body ("dissociated") because she was never taught and/or hadn't cultivated embodiment (being present in and attuned to her body).
Or she was just tired of feeling broken and she wanted to tell herself she felt differently even though she didn’t.

We’ve all been there, whether we realize it or not.

It's human to want health and healing to fit neatly into a little box with a bow-tie.

But your body doesn't work like that.

Which means you need to work with your body differently.

What Is Functional Health and Nutrition?

A functional approach to health and nutrition:

    Sees health and healing as a process, not a destination, and emphasizes continuously growing your edges.
    Investigates the root cause of imbalances.
    Encourages a test-don't-guess approach.
    Takes into account a narrower reference range of optimal functioning in lab results and of the body's systems, and is thereby better able to detect disease-risk via “subclinical” patterns--even when symptoms are not yet present.
    Takes into account a holistic picture of a person: symptoms, history, personality, lifestyle, lab results, genetics, and more.
    Views lab results inter-relationally.
    Focuses on preventive, natural, and/or minimally invasive solutions with minimal to no side-effects when possible.
    Emphasizes Terrain Theory and optimization of the host’s (your) resilience, instead of fearing pathogens. Sees the mainstream perception that pathogens/parasites are inherently dangerous as reductive.
    Accepts some degree of disease (i.e. the flu or common cold) as an opportunity to condition and strengthen the body, to observe why/how resilience was low enough to create a welcome environment for disease, and become more self-aware and proactive.

    In contrast, a conventional approach: 

      Sees health and healing as a destination to rush towards.
      Does not target the root cause of imbalances.
      May test (vs. guess), but often does not test enough (both in frequency and types of markers).
      Relies on broad reference ranges that often overlook “subclinical” patterns in lab results, thereby overlooking disease or disease-risk.
      Often dismisses the significance of symptoms if the labs or the practitioner is unable to interpret imbalances.
      Views lab results in a linear and more isolated manner from one another.
      Focuses on symptomatic relief whether with “natural” or pharmaceutical drugs (with common side-effects from the latter).
      Emphasizes Germ Theory, fearing pathogens, and an aggressive approach to eradicate them inside and out.
      Fears disease, seeks to make it go away at any cost.

      Even seemingly "progressive" approaches to natural health and wellness also often do not dig deep enough. 

      Many of my clients who have previously worked with a slew of functional practitioners (doctors and coaches) say my approach to functional health and nutrition is revolutionary and more incisive.

      TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION® is an incisive functional and holistic approach to natural health and wellness that empowers you with critical thinkingself-awarenessmind-body-awareness, and self-advocacy so you can be your own informed free agent.

      Here’s What You’ll Get from This Website

      On this website, I share engaging and incisive articles, videos, and resources about everything natural health and wellness--with a functional approach--including:

      The Deepest Root Causes of Disease
      Real Food Nutrition
      Environmental Health, including Home Health
      Toxins and Detox
      Immune Health
      Lab Work
      Lifestyle Practices
      Mind-Body Education and Practices
      Controversial Food Politics
      Controversial Healthcare Politics
      And much more.

      I'm excited to empower your  TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION®!

      Natural Health and Wellness Blog with Erika Herman

      About Erika

      I love to teach about Bio-Individuality, Critical Thinking about Root Cause, Self-Advocacy, Holistic Health, and Navigating Holes in Modern Healthcare (conventional and alternative) to dial in root cause faster, and save time, money, and sanity.

      I'm a problem-solver. 

       I'm insatiably curious. 

      I've been called a heretic (and liked it). 

      I’ve been called incisive (and also liked it).

      I'm inspired to disrupt and empower. 

      I'm also scrappy AF. 

      I've slipped through the cracks of modern healthcare (conventional and alternative). 

      I've stared down the barrel of crippling health crises and bad medical advice and I've turned my health around - against the odds. ("Unprecedented" was the word a top surgeon once used to describe my reversal of a condition he believed only invasive surgery could have resolved.) 
      If it weren't for my incisive critical thinking, strong discernment, background as a researcher, and clinical experience as a practitioner, I wouldn't have figured out what was wrong--or it would have taken me another few decades of rolling the figurative dice while bleeding out my wallet and praying I stumble across someone who could help me.

      So I have A LOT of empathy for others who are spinning their wheels despite their best efforts.

      I feel most valuable when I help others to stop fearing all the things that can go wrong with their bodies, and instead start envisioning, instigating, and experiencing all the things that can go right. 

      It's my jam to spotlight all the ways the media, Big Money, and our unconscious stories influence our success when it comes to holistic and natural health and wellness. 

      And my approach is unique. Just like you are.

      Erika has been featured in 2021
      JENNIFER KATZ Testimonial Photo

      "I got more beneficial, concrete information from Erika than any of the doctors I've worked with.

      In my work with Erika, I discovered that what even the 'top' doctors and practitioners I was working with were telling me to do was actually making me sicker.

      Erika is the expert who cut through all the noise to nail down what was being totally overlooked in my labs and symptoms, and set me on the path to true healing."


      Professional Highlights

      I understand first-hand what it's like. I’ve overcome my own health issues (minor, life-threatening, and everything in between), making me keenly aware of the emotional and psychological influences at play in the healing process.
      My work is based on 20+ years of research and experimentation with real food nutrition science, functional nutrition, natural health solutions, biochemistry, nutrigenomics, and mind-body integrative practices, as well as guiding women and men of all ages and walks of life (from stay-at-home moms and dads to A-list celebrities, high-powered attorneys, and seasoned medical professionals).
      I spent a number of years working as a Functional Health and Nutrition practitioner and continuing my education (self-directed and with mentors). During this time, I became skilled in uncovering hidden or overlooked patterns of complex chronic health problems in clients' functional lab test results and histories and designing bio-individualized, effective, and safe healing protocols.
      I'm a bestselling author--of Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess: The Untold Story of Healthy Foods.
      More recently, I decided to re-focus my attention on wide-scale content-driven revolutionary public health and wellness education, so I now work one-on-one on a more selective basis.
      One of my specialties is biotoxin illlness (mold, Lyme and its co-infections), manifesting as CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), or autoimmunity, based on my research, work with clients, and my personal experience with mold illness. I am proud to be an Affiliate Member of ISEAI (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness).
      I'm a regular guest expert on podcasts, and in health and wellness media events, summits, workshops and seminars.
      To boot, I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, specializing in Yin and Restorative forms, informed by my 18-year practice, as well as my studies in mindfulness, somatic psychology, psychology, trauma, Meridian Theory, neuroscience, and HeartMath.

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