Custom Coaching programs with Erika Herman are available by application to a limited number of women and men each year. If you feel like you've tried everything, are ready for the ultimate in life-changing support that revolutionizes healing and thriving opportunities by unifying Real Food Nutrition, Mind-Body Integrative Practices, your unique Biochemistry (from a functional perspective), and sometimes Nutrigenomics, and you're ready to commit to yourself, click the image on the left to apply now!

We must always start with food, but the 80/20 rule applies when it comes to nutritional healing. Sometimes you've done everything right in the food-department, but healing isn't happening and you’re spinning your wheels.

You may also be suffering from other imbalances that food alone can’t heal, whether it’s to do with hormones, your thyroid, immunity, or blood sugar axis--the list of conditions goes on (and yes, you can have problems along the blood sugar “axis” that goes way beyond glucose, and that food alone cannot fix!). In these cases, you have to go deeper–and deeper than a lot of the information out there tells you to go (a lot of that still only scratches the surface).

For about 80 percent of people, strategically updating your diet will resolve your health issues (including stubborn weight). But what do you do when food changes aren’t enough? What do you do when you’re the other 20 percent?

If you’re part of that 20 percent, there is hope! This is where you need to roll up your sleeves and “get under the hood,” as I like to say. This means digging in to your unique biochemistry, assessing root cause (which goes beyond food, and deeper than many “experts” our there go), and getting bio-individualized in a revolutionary kind of way. ​

This is when you need a guide. This is where the right guide can change your life.

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Private coaching with Erika Herman, available by application to a limited number of women and men each year, focused on natural bio-individualized healing for anxiety, depression and mood disorders that targets root cause--minus weird side-effects (feeling numb, weight gain, low-sex-drive, dry skin and hair, constant thirst, etc.). For those who are ready to commit and ditch the guesswork/educated guesswork (whether of the modern or alternative mental health care models). Also for those whose current approaches (whether pharmaceutical or natural) alleviate symptoms but have never 'gotten under the hood' to understand the underlying biochemistry--just because symptoms are alleviated doesn't mean you've healed or have addressed root cause. Click the image on the left to learn more!


This is how to do a cleanse. No juice. No wacky tactics. Just real food - tailored to your unique need. And real results. Because you're unique. Your diet should be too. TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP is the comprehensive, customizable 28-day proven system, created by Health Hacker, Real Food + Functional Nutritionist, Bestselling Author, and Cleanse Expert, Erika Herman, that empowers you to finally--sustainably--cleanse and love your food, body and life. You will not find TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP's protocol elsewhere. The powerful wisdom of TCB is not just in the kinds of foods you eat, but how you eat them over the course of the 28 days, all while customizing the program to your unique needs. Click image to left to learn more. 


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