Is Too Much Protein Bad for You?

Is Too Much Protein Bad for You?

There's a lot of confusion surrounding protein intake. We hear it's important, but we're also told getting too much can be a bad thing. So is too much protein bad...Read more
Here's Why the Mediterranean Diet Is BS

Here’s Why the Mediterranean Diet Is BS

How exactly is the US interpretation of "the Mediterranean diet" misinformed? In an epic-fail kind of way. For decades, beginning with its inspiration of the USDA’s first Dietary Guidelines, we’ve been...Read more
The Healthiest Cooking Oil

What Is the Healthiest Cooking Oil?

What is the healthiest cooking oil? There's an overabundance of options out there, with equally as much misinformation--canola oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil--the list goes on. With all the confusion...Read more
7 Tricks To Avoid Halloween Weight Gain

7 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Weight Gain

Intimidated about indulging a little too much at that upcoming Halloween party? Try these 7 tricks to avoid Halloween weight gain!  #1 Eat a spoonful of coconut butter (aka coconut manna), nut butter,...Read more

Holes in Vegan Nutrition and Ideology

I get provocative about holes in vegan nutrition and ideology in Tipsy Lit's new interview with me. I talk sex, birth, religion, fertilizer and FOOD. Oui! Check out the full article by...Read more