Best Portable Water Filters

What Is The Best Portable Water Filter?

One of the great privileges of living in an industrialized nation is access to sanitized water not contaminated with pathogens. However, such tap water is still rife with toxins that

How to Make Natural Deodorant That Works

Ah, the eternal quest: stay fresh and dry, without a bunch of toxic crap-ingredients found in both conventional and many natural deodorants and antiperspirants. If only you could learn how
Is Maca Root Healthy for All Women

Is Maca Root Healthy for All Women?

Maca root (also considered a tuber) is indigenous to Peru, and has been used for centuries for its purported healing properties, including balancing women's hormone imbalances. However, maca root is not
The Three Kinds of Thyroid Imbalances

The Three Kinds of Thyroid Problems

Sadly, oversimplified diagnosis of thyroid problems is the norm not the exception, whereby several varieties are lumped into the black-or-white categories of low-functioning thyroid (hypothyroid) or high-functioning thyroid (hyperthyroid). In reality,
The Unexpected Superfood

The Unexpected Superfood

Superfood. The word is all the rage these days.  Superfoods hold the promise of enhanced energy and libido, anti-aging, disease-prevention, antioxidant power, increased cognitive function. The list goes on. We want superfoods.