The Three Kinds of Thyroid Imbalances

Sadly, oversimplified diagnosis of thyroid problems is the norm not the exception, whereby several varieties are lumped into the black-or-white categories of low-functioning thyroid (hypothyroid) or high-functioning thyroid (hyperthyroid).

In reality, there are three kinds of thyroid problems.

To boot, the thyroid is never the cause of thyroid problems. Thyroid problems are always secondary to other imbalances and conditions.

This unfortunate oversimplification of diagnosis is problematic because it inhibits not only your ability to understand the true nature of your imbalance, but, most importantly, your ability to effectively respond and heal.

This also means some thyroid medications and supplements may not work–not because there’s something wrong with you, but because the medication simply isn’t right for your true condition.

Most doctors and even specialists, like endocrinologists, do not differentiate between these imbalances in their diagnosis and/or treatment approaches.

Now is the time to get educated, so you can make empowered and effective decisions about your health.

In this video, I explain the differences between each of the three kinds of thyroid problems.

(Yes, I do jazz-hands when myth-busting about the thyroid gets me excited.)

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