More TCB Success Stories
(in case you need more convincing)

(Jenny is the  busy Founder of Awake & Aware Visionary Healing Center– she traveled frequently during the program)

DAY 9 of 28: "I have never been able to 'diet' for even 24 hours.

The approach of TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP suits me beautifully. It is so natural to my preferred nutritional approach, and the new information I am learning is so well explained that I can own it and live it naturally.

DAY 25 of 28: This program has been 100 times more educational and fulfilling than I imagined. Beyond worth the price.

I didn't just follow a "program." I completed an incredibly engaging and scientifically instructive, experience-based class and I'm lit up from it!  It has left me wanting to study and experiment even more.

I feel very well-grounded in healthy, delicious, satisfying eating habits.

I learned a lot about emotional eating.

Now I have a better grasp of what foods to reach for to ease cravings without intensifying them.

I can choose to lose weight by returning to the Induction Phase or the first stage of the Lifestyle Phase whenever I want.

My Quickbooks shows I spent slightly less on groceries ($15-35) for the past month than in the two previous months.  Funny, it felt like it was going to be much more as I was making dietary changes and purchasing the new--healthy--things I needed.

I have also dramatically reduced the supplements I am taking due to the clear information in the program.  The few supplements I am now taking aren't necessarily inexpensive, but they come out to less than the hit-or-miss, guessed at package I was taking before—plus I'm confident I'm taking the right ones. I also don't have to swallow a handful of silly pills, and there's more room in the cupboard.

The program wildly exceeded my expectations.  I had no idea I would receive so much explicit instruction about how foods work, where to find them, and how to prepare them.

This is a fabulously intricate and beautifully designed program!

One year post-TCB-graduation: It has been a year since I graduated and I am astounded at how much I am still constantly learning from you, your program, and your current students. Thank you!

Now that I'm through the third round of TCB, I have begun to really understand what foods cause mucus, drag me down, etc. And I hardly feel like drinking any alcohol, eating any sugar, or even really even having caffeine. So, sticking it out over the long run is incredibly worth it!

This third time through found me making other important changes and commitments in my life - playing guitar, practicing yoga at home daily, writing more...all related to the cleanse commitment. See the work you do is really important, Erika! Thank you.

Don't go another day feeling frustrated, confused + unhappy with your body.


7 Months post-TCB-graduation: TCB is unique in that it's not a variation on the same few themes of the latest fad diets that promise unrealistic results. The combination of the mind-body emphasis and Taboo Food emphasis really helps to involve you in seeking good health and allows you to be an active part in your healing. The program is cultivated in such a way that it's actually easy to individualize your own personal day to day food program.

(Trella is a busy yoga teacher, and grad student, who also runs a nonprofit)

DAY 16 of 28: Since I have been doing TCB I have not craved sugar for the entire time and I am calmer. I am also 1 pound away from my ideal weight now. This feels great! Thank you, again. I feel like you have given me the key to a way I can eat for the rest of my life!

(Cherella is a single mother of twins and works full-time)

 I was initially attracted to TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP because I like the idea of a satiation program that allows for health to be stabilized and still be tasty.

I lost 14 lb during the program! I am 5’11” and weighed 180 lb when I began. Now, I am 166 lb and counting! This is very sustainable.

Before the program, my main health concerns were fatigue, hormone issues and weight gain.

Now, mentally, I feel very grounded and less flighty. My body is letting go of holding onto food because it knows it will get fed. Love that my facial bones are showing!

My stress eating wasn’t as skillful before I began the program. This program has helped me feel satisfied so I never crash! It is great to know I can get the right amount of fats and protein and veggies, in what is now an easy way for me to eat. The satiation also helps me keep sugar cravings at bay.

This program exceeded my expectations because my hormones also feel balanced eating this way.

Over the course of the 28-day program, I became increasingly able to intuitively check in with my body. The program guided me to see the signs that helped me to tell the difference between hunger, cravings and stress and emotional eating--something I never paid attention to before.

The worksheets were important to help me see where the dips in my day were.

After completing the program, I feel very equipped with tools for the long-run!


DAY 15 OF 28I have been on thyroid meds for years, and have not felt stabilized–always tired, craving sweets madly, and blimping out beyond my wildest dreams, after spending most of my life being very thin and cold. [Patricia then slowly gained more and more weight as the years passed.]

The good news with TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP is that I want to get up in the morning, am not tired (unbelievable!), and feel like my brain is working better than it has since before I hit puberty and everything went downhill.

In the first three days, I lost 7 lbs, which was amazing. I have now lost 11 lbs [15 days in].

Also, the book EAT LIKE A FATASS, LOOK LIKE A GODDESS is like my new Bible.

DAY 28 of 28The results are so immediately there when I follow the program: clear headedness, energy, and–OMG–something that looks in the mirror like, dare I say it, a return to beauty.

Thank you Erika, for creating such a truly well-researched, thoughtful and conscious program for people everywhere that cuts through all of the nonsense and lies out there. 

I feel like my prayer to regain true health has been answered.

Your mission, Erika, is clearly one that has formed and refined itself from what, I can only imagine, has been exhausting personal experience and relentless research.

I cannot thank you enough. I feel like I am getting my life back, sustainably, consciously and surely.

Get Back in the Drivers Seat!

(Justin is a busy computer programmer who travels throughout the year)

I joined the program because I was specifically interested in stabilizing my energy, and stopping feeling tired, hungry, and foggy-brained all the time.

With a pretty fast metabolism and an obsession with fitness, I wasn’t really focused on dieting and weight-loss (I actually train with a focus on GAINING pounds).

I wanted to make myself healthy on the inside, rather than just working out to look healthy on the outside. 

I also wanted to learn how to prep a meal or two, beyond just using a microwave, or throwing things in a blender to make a protein shake (I seriously never cooked). 

And while I was pretty happy with my fitness, my energy, well, sucked–so much so that I had often wondered if I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Before the program, I could rarely get through a day without a nap (sometimes even two). 

And as soon as I would get hungry, my mental acuity would plummet and I would get grumpy.

I had these problems for a while, and looked left and right for a solution. I had even gone in for blood tests, wondering if I picked up some strange bug while traveling overseas (I travel overseas often and for long periods of time).

By Day 15 of the program (the end of Module 2), I looked back on the past week and realized that my energy-crashes had improved, and I didn’t need naps.

My sugar cravings were cured.

My ability to cook for and feed myself like an adult human was improving.

I had never expected such big results, and so soon.

Like I said, I knew how to prepare literally nothing before this program. This program forced me into the kitchen, which is what I wanted. While this honestly felt overwhelming to tackle all at once, I am now beyond grateful to not to be so completely and totally useless in the kitchen. Now I can make food, and food that I know is truly making me healthy.

Now, if there were a zombie apocalypse and all I could get were raw ingredients, I wouldn’t starve. Or more relevantly, when I’m living abroad (like I do for the majority of the year) in the middle of a street market that sells tons of fresh colorful locally-grown veggies for next to nothing, I’ll actually make myself a meal rather than walking straight through to the nearest McDonald’s (true story, in Taiwan).

However, my biggest insight from the program was developing and refining the practice of examining how food affects various aspects of my health and emotions.

Obviously, I knew “eat something bad and you get indigestion” or “drink coffee and it wakes you up,” but I’d never dreamt of so strongly correlating what goes into my mouth with how I feel: tired, headachy, happy, etc. 

Now I do.

And now I feel much more skilled to work with my body and mind in delicious ways that make me feel good.

TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP has given me such in-depth knowledge of nutrition that I now even find friends coming to me for tips!


 I lost 14 lb in this program! I am 5’5” and began the program at 151 lb. After the program I weighed 137 lb. As I write this three weeks after the program ended, I am still maintaining my weight. I am very satisfied with my results.

Before the program, my main health concerns were that I didn’t think I could lose the weight I had gained. It had been so stubborn. I have done pills, HCG, juice fasts—everything. It all ruined my metabolism. I had started to lose hope. 

Thankfully, I lost so much weight on this program! I never weighed myself through the whole 28 days, and was surprised when I did at the end! I feel it was because this program didn’t stress me out, was not hard to follow, and helped me cut out some bad habits I had picked up from being vegan. It was so simple!

In comparison, I did a 30 day juice fast ten months ago, got pricey massages and colonics, and drank expensive juice—but only lost 10 lbI now know that even one of the most “luxury” cleanses available can’t make my whole body respond as well as this program does.

During the program, my energy felt balanced and sustained throughout the day, which is amazing because I have cut back on caffeine, almost completely eliminating coffee. 

I did not feel any withdrawals from changes to my previous diet.

My eating has slowed down. I am enjoying my food more. I am tasting it. I feel more balanced, like I don’t have this urgency in reaction to hunger like I used to. 

I feel like I have so many new ideas for cooking, and making eating more interesting. 

This program inspired some amazing “ahas!” for me I know I will empower me for life.

Get the guidance + support you need. Today.

(Petra is a dynamic and busy attorney)

I was attracted to this program because it is NOT a diet, it's a lifestyle.

My main health concerns before the program were weight, and feeling down/mild depression.

Some of my favorite insights and lessons in this program were:

  • I experienced profound satiety through experimenting with different food combinations–I can actually go for many hours feeling nourished and satisfied!
  • I feel better since I’ve incorporated meat again after 12 years. I wasn’t sure if I could eat meat on a regular basis after being vegetarian for 12 years, but the structure and support of the program helped me commit and give it a fair chance and it worked. I definitely feel “different” in a very positive way.
  • I feel more grounded and confident and happy and at ease in general. Just very content since the start of the program.

My greatest transformations in the program were

  • Physical: Weight loss – I lost 8 lb in the first two weeks!
  • Mental: I am more grounded, connected, no longer have that mild-depression feeling.
  • Mind-body: Just feeling super at ease with myself and happy.
  • Cooking-related: I feel true freedom to really use fat!

My ability to differentiate between true hunger, cravings, and stress/emotional eating changed dramatically over the 28 days.

Towards the end of the program, I stopped eating 3 meals per day, which before I thought was the thing to do. Then, with Erika’s suggestions in the program, I tried switching the foods around a bit and boom: I could go for hours without eating and without being hungry, while feeling nourished, and was eating 2 meals per day. 

Before, I was definitely an emotional eater when I was stressed, sad, or angry in particular, but that changed over the course of the program.

Here’s a recap of my weekly progress in the program:

Day 7 of 28: I had some good progress eating grass-fed ground beef a few times this past week. 

No cravings for grains, sugar etc., which is great!

I’m down about 4 lb from the beginning of this week.

I’ve had a sense of being more grounded, confident and motivated. Before the program I felt kind of sad and down, and had low motivation for anything. I still did a lot of things, but I had to drag myself to do them, even if it was stuff I used to enjoy.

I feel that the “old me” is slowly coming back. 

I have a good amount of energy. I got a lot done last week (work-wise) which I used to dread, so I feel more driven and accomplished this week. 

I’m looking forward to next week.

Day 14 of 28I’ve lost roughly 8 lbs so far without ever being hungry or having any cravings–YAY! I feel much better and got a compliment the other day. 

Overall, my thinking is clearer and I feel more confident in general.

Now, two meals per day seems to work great for me. I never thought that I could do that while feeling totally satiated and nourished.

Day 21 of 28: Still the same great satiety!

I’ve noticed this week I’m REALLY paying attention to, and becoming more comfortable with, the difference between being hungry, craving, or eating “out of a habit.”

Day 28 of 28: During week 4, I’ve felt very grounded and nourished and a lot more confident about making my food choices.

I was also able to differentiate between hunger versus craving, then pause, look at what I was feeling, then make a conscious decision from that place, rather than “reacting” to an impulse. This ability is a great gift. Thank you!


Now, after having graduated from the program, I feel extremely skilled in my ability to control and balance cravings. Before the program, I wasn’t AT ALL skilled in this arena.

Previously, my eating was always largely emotional and cravings-driven, so I rarely even experienced hunger! For me, it’s always been all about fighting the cravings.

The program helped me become sensitive to why I would feel that bodily urge to reach for food–especially certain foods. Before, I had no idea about these causes! The program gave me the tools to wisely deal with that urge.

This awareness is transformational. I now feel empowered to CHOOSE how I respond.

I feel released from the chains of cravings, more grounded–not feeling a constant need to get a food “fix.” Instead, my mind feels more free to focus on things that matter.

This isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about the time between eating–I never expected THAT part to feel different, and it’s life-changing.

Honestly, I wish I could wax on more about how freed I feel, but it’s so profound I have no words. 

One of my other greatest transformations in this program has been discovering increased options while eating out. Eating out was always at least a semi-cheat for me, which was a big problem. Now because of this program, I’ve learned some really great options that I’m excited to repeat! Not to mention eating out no longer has to derail me.

(Maureen is a curious research-savvy nurse)

Day 23 of 28: This TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP way of eating is really growing on me. It gives me a framework from which to choose nutrient-dense foods, and I now know how to assess a nutrition label or a recipe for the components and proportions that I want. It is a pleasurable experience!

Post-graduation: I have been permanently changed by this program.

I have a clarity about eating and food choices that I’ve never had before.

I have a benchmark of my body at this current age that is slim and not flabby or bloated feeling.

This program led me in to nutrient-dense eating in a clearly organized, paced, investigative, and self-loving way.

This program showed me that I am in charge of considering and interpreting my body’s response to foods that I eat. It showed me there is no rush to get everything immediately figured out.

I also know I can go back to the Induction principles any time I want to get grounded back in to my body as a clean slate.

Over the course of the program, I learned how different types of hunger (true hunger, cravings and stress/emotional eating) play out for me. I discovered that true hunger can become stressful for me and lead to emotional eating, because I

            (a) may not make good choices to satiate that hunger, and

             (b) have had a tendency to misunderstand the hunger to be a problem and an indication that I have failed                                              myself in some way…. I now know instead that being really, really hungry is just information.

I now have a repertoire of meal choices that feel right for me, plus guiding principles for choosing new recipes. I feel like I have tools that will equip me for years. 


I signed up for this program because I was attracted to Erika’s insights and nutritional expertise. 

I wanted to learn as much as possible to improve my health, but I was tired, and still am, of all the conflicting advice one hears regarding diet and nutrition. I wanted something science-based, credible, and which made sense.

My favorite insight and lesson from the program is the uniqueness of diet and self-awareness which each of us needs to be responsible for. Nutrition and health do not follow a one-size-fits-all, beyond the basics (i.e. no junk food). Thank you, Erika, for guiding us.

The program exceeded my expectations mainly in helping me tune in to my body more closely. I was not expecting this, and I appreciate this new skill.

My greatest transformation is going from being a vegetarian to eating “high on the hog,” and not being afraid to do so

I feel like I am helping my body become stronger.

I am 5’4″ and 105 lb. I was not looking to lose weight with this program. I do not have a scale in the home, but I feel about the same, except that the bloating is down which feels great! I feel healthy maintaining my weight, and knowing how to do so in a sustainable manner without feeling deprived.

I feel equipped for the long-term knowing how to provide my body with good nutrition.

5 months post-TCB-graduation: Thanks, Erika for generously sharing your knowledge and for supporting us. I have noticed other programs seemingly similar to yours such as Robb Wolf's. However, I feel your program is superior. Among MANY differences, other programs do not emphasize saturated fats like you do. They lump [other unsaturated] fats as being close to or equally as beneficial.

(Lili works full-time and traveled during the program)

TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP helped me incorporate new foods that keep me feeling happy and grounded, got rid of bloating, and provided new insight on the subtle effects food can have on the body. I would never have linked the two if I hadn’t done the program.

(Lucy is a busy mother of two)

POST-TCB GRADUATION: I turn 30 in May and I feel and look better than I ever have, despite the fact that I am terribly sleep-deprived because of my kids. [TCB's animal-food-friendly protocol] has really boosted my muscle tone and helped me to embrace my love of food rather than feel shamed or consumed by it. Who knew that my abs could be tighter after kids than before kids?! Thank you for teaching me so much about nutrition.


1 year post-TCB-graduation: I just had my blood work done and my cholesterol went down 30 points total. HDL up. 🙂

I'm ready to take control - without rigidity or deprivation.


 I was attracted to the program due to how radical its food science approach is.  

To be totally honest, I basically signed up for this program out of desperation to control cravings and stress and emotional eating. Now, after the program, the difference in my ability is like night and day. Really. Kudos and a big thank you for that. I feel very skilled now.

Some of my favorite lessons from the program are definitely

  • being able to discern between true hunger and fullness, cravings, and stress/emotional eating. That was huge, and happened pretty quickly. I am now able to recognize when I am comfortably satiated.  
  • I am eating way more vegetables than I have in the past; that was a huge change.
  • I also learned how to be kinder to myself.
  • I am also more patient.   
  • Following the program, I had the lowest “bad” cholesterol in several years. And my “good” cholesterol, while usually a good number, was even higher.

The program exceeded my expectations in the area of satiety. I would not have believed my experience of satiety would be this different if I hadn’t experienced it.

I found what I was eating in the program was enough, and it was many hours until I was hungry again. There were a couple of days where I ate just two meals. That was really good. I would say that is my favorite part of this program, that discovery for myself.  

I am 5 foot 2 inches, and weight 150 lb when I started the program. After the program I am 142.6. I would love to get to around 130, and plan to keep on going, but now realize that although I have hit my goal weight in the past, I never sustained it for long and it was usually with deprivation. While this may be slower for me, I am good with this. I like not feeling that I’m starving myself or going crazy.

I feel the program was pretty complete. Moving forward, I feel I know how to SUSTAINABLY lose and maintain weight without depriving myself, or doing wacky things. This is my program now. This is the way I live. Not a diet.

And finally I want to thank you, Erika. You have in many ways impacted my life very positively. 


I am writing again. I want you to know, you are terrific, Erika. You are.  

Today I had lunch at around 1pm.  It is now going on 7pm and I’m not starving; I’m not panicking and I haven’t been obsessing about the next meal.

So this email is to just say a huge Thank You.

May you go from strength to strength.

I appreciate all you have done.