This is how to do a cleanse.

No juice. No wacky tactics. Just real food - tailored to your unique needs.
And real results. 

Because you're unique. Your diet should be too.


    You've tried everything, and you're about to give up.

    If you're anything like I was, you know all too well what it's like to feel out of control with food, consumed by

    • low/erratic energy
    • stubborn weight
    • low/high/erratic blood sugar
    • cravings
    • inflammation
    • digestive problems (bloating, GERD, irregularity)
    • Candida
    • unrefreshing sleep
    • imbalanced hormones and mood

    You feel uncomfortable in your body, frustrated and ashamed after yet another rigid deprivation-based diet and cleanse program fails, or works, but it isn’t sustainable.

    You're done with forcing "willpower" to lose weight and get healthy.

    You're done with blaming yourself for those diets not working - they were the problem. Enough!


    • You've drunk shakes.
    • You've juiced.
    • You've eaten organic.
    • You've done the cleanses that come in boxes, and the whole-food protocols.
    • You’ve given yourself enemas, or gotten colonics.
    • You’ve taken those “herbal” capsules that make you live on the toilet.
    • You’ve tried every protein powder on the market.
    • You’ve felt hopeful as you popped tons of (often pricey) supplements.
    • You’ve pedaled away on exercise bikes, and elliptical machines.
    • ...watched your cholesterol consumption and saturated fat intake.
    • ...counted calories.
    • ...honored the "plant-based diet."
    • ...proclaimed yourself a pescetarian
    • ...eaten a bunch of alternative baked products (gluten-free, low-carb, ground flax seeds, almond flour, etc.).

    And somehow you still feel like a mess. You’ve tried everything. Nothing’s worked. At least not for the long run. No matter how hard you try.

    You haven’t been able to heal any of these problems via the “healthy” diets and advice you’ve been fed since you were a child, protocols recommended by doctors, the media, and even seemingly progressive health "experts."


    I know how it feels to try to cleanse, but still carry relentless extra pounds, and hate how your clothes fit.

    If you have managed to shed the weight, it’s only been possible through depriving yourself in an unsustainable way that sent you bingeing, possibly messed with your periods, only to gain the weight back (and then some), suffer digestive upset.

    Traveling, or doing anything outside of your normal restrictive ritual completely throws you off.

    You walk around fighting cravings, and low blood sugar, tired, even if you managed to get 7-9 hours of sleep the night before.

    You’ve spent half of each month on a hormonal roller coaster with uncomfortable periods, unstable emotions, often depressed, praying acupuncture, herbs, and supplements will help. They haven’t.

    It’s all too much.

    You feel as if you’re drowning in the ocean of conflicting nutrition and health advice on the internet, in magazines, from the lips of doctors, and even in research journals, with no one able to throw you a lifesaver of actionable steps that clarify your confusion, and actually work for the long-run.

    You’ve blamed yourself. You’ve blamed your body. You’re convinced it’s not the recommendations you’ve been getting that are wrong. It’s you. You are somehow flawed, un-helpable, and condemned to suffer forever.

    That’s exactly how I felt.


    I know this because I figured it all out.

    Over my years of rigorous research and experimentation, I discovered revolutionary non-mainstream science-based nutrition and wellness practices that not only changed, but saved my life, satisfied me like never before, and flew in the face of the known and accepted.

    I discovered how to sustainably lose and maintain weight, while feeling satisfied and loving my food—without bloating, water retention, or digestive problems!

    I learned how to eat so I could comfortably go hours upon hours between meals or snacking while feeling energized.

    Bingeing and disordered eating was a thing of the past.

    I kicked inflammation, gave Candida the boot, rebalanced my blood sugar and thyroid, regulated my periods, hormones, and mood, able to sleep through the night, and feel refreshed in the morning.


    Of course, I didn't get to know what I know now, and look and feel how I do without many challenges. Sustainable change isn’t easily won. I live proof of that fact.

    The fact that you’re reading this is proof as well. It’s also your key to the easiest, quickest transition into delicious, sustainable change.

    Now you can love how you fit in your clothes, feel energized, attractive, confident, enjoy life, and ready to take on the world—and you don't have to spend decades like I did.


    I’ve unified the powerful wisdom from my 18+ years of research and successes into my 28-day program,

    What exactly is TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP?

    TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMPTOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP is the 28-day real food cleanse to end all cleanses. Featuring delicious nutrient-dense foods, customized to your unique needs, TCB teaches you how to eat for life - at home and on-the-go - all designed to recalibrate and optimize your waistline, gut, energy, hormones, and more.

    You will not find TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP's protocol elsewhere. Created by Health Hacker, Real Food + Functional Nutritionist, and Bestselling Author, Erika Herman, TCB's powerful wisdom lies not just in the kinds of foods you eat, but how the protocol evolves over the course of the 28 days, including elimination and reintroduction features (some required, some optional).

    TCB features lifetime access to the program, drip-released emails, info, tips, guidance via the (gorgeous) guidebook, worksheets, recipes, shopping lists, suggested brands + products, community support from current students + grads in the private Facebook group, bonuses, and more--plus a week beforehand to prep!

    Lifetime access means you pay once, then enjoy future updates. Sweet deal. Revisit the program again and again. Most grads agree, TCB is so flexible and delicious, it's for life.


    TCC Sales Page - Who TCC Is For



    | ACTRESS |


    “TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP is revolutionary.
    It's like no other cleanse around."




    “Erika knows her stuff.

    TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP can be hard - but GOOD hard. Approachable, real transformation. Just like anything in life, you get what you put in. But this is something worth putting yourself into."

    Get Back in the Driver's Seat!


    Tell me more about what I'll eat in TCB!

    TCC Sales Page 1 TCC Sales Page 2 -

    TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP allows for individual customization from a variety of satisfying food options.

    Initially, certain foods are eliminated for the two-week INDUCTION PHASE. TCB's meal plan then evolves over the next two weeks--LIFESTYLE I (one week), and LIFESTYLE II (one week), during which time you are guided to strategically reintroduce previously eliminated foods, with a newfound mind-body awareness that empowers you to decide what works best for you at different times in different portions, and in relation to various lifestyle factors (sleep quality, stress, etc.). 

    Helpful Daily + Weekly Worksheets and Reflections help you cultivate awareness. 

    Sourcing is a focus (organic, grass-fed/pastured, etc.), but there is flexibility in sourcing as needed (sourcing levels are: IDEAL, GOOD, COMMIT TO IMPROVING YOUR OPTIONS)–you need to live in the real world! No unreasonable expectations here.

    You will be guided to create your unique meal plans and food-sourcing protocol, based on your unique needs, what is uniquely and readily available to you, and what suits your unique budget.

    TCB foods include:

    • PROTEIN + FAT FROM ANIMAL SOURCES – eggs, meat, poultry, turkey, pork, some fish, and for later phases of the program dairy if desired (ghee/clarified butter, yogurt, kefir, cheeses, etc.)
    • NUTS + SEEDS (ideally soaked/sprouted)
    • IN SELECT PHASES OF THE PROGRAM: FRUIT, TUBERS, GRAINS/BEANS/LEGUMES (the latter ideally prepared via soaking/sprouting)
    • PROTEIN POWDERS (select varieties, one time per day max.)
    • SELECT SWEETENERS (in select phases of the program)

    Your Bonus Recipe book, Yes, You Can Eat That: Delicious Real Food Recipes by Erika Herman includes 75+ recipes for every phase of the program!

    Take TCB with you wherever you go.


    Convenience is your key to success.

    Consult TCB's detailed Shopping List from you smartphone while you're at the store.

    Read emails from Erika with tips to enhance your success.

    Navigate eating out during every phase of the program with The Guide's handy "How to Eat Out" sections.

    Post a question or comment for fellow TCBers in the program's Closed Facebook Group.

    And listen to Erika's audiobook while you're waiting for the train.

    TCB's eBooks, worksheets, discussion board, and more--everything you need is always at your fingertips.

    What e-books will I get in this program?

    The Guide

    TCB's 75+ page The Guide maps out all the ins and outs of TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP, including its three phases: Induction, Lifestyle I, and Lifestyle II. Includes Menu Inspiration (TCB's customizable meal plans that teach you how to build your meals and snacks during the program and beyond), with suggestions suitable for Selective Carb©, low-carb, Paleo, grain-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free friendly practices found in TCB, as well as modifications for those with thyroid and gallbaldder concerns, guidelines on How to Eat Out for each phase, and instruction on Food Preparation for Optimal Nutrition.

    YES, YOU CAN EAT THAT! Delicious Real Food Recipes by Erika Herman

    This bonus digital book includes 75+ mouthwatering TCB-approved real food recipes by Erika Herman perfect for each phase of TCB, and beyond.

    Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess: The Untold Story of Healthy Foods

    TCB BONUS! Snag your own unabridged audiobook copy of Erika Herman's bestseller that gets down and dirty with subversive research about countless topics in real food nutrition! Narrated by Erika Herman and Julia Whelan. Keep scrolling for more about this bonus.

    What's covered in this program?
    Here's an overview of TCB's lessons:


      The purpose of Module 0 is to give you time (a full week) to prepare for the weeks ahead. From the very top of Module 0, you have an explicit list of instructions on how to use your time that week.

      Go shopping and stock up for the coming weeks
      Download + organize materials for the coming weeks
      Get acclimated to your resources
      Read some of The Guide (about 25 pages–it’s a quick read)
      Join + intro yourself in TCB’s Private Facebook group.


      DAYS 1-7: The theme of this Module focuses largely on cultivating self-awareness and learning certain fundamental principles of nutrition science, the way your body works with food, so you know how to break them, and you know how to customize them. With this Module, you will kick off Induction Phase, in which you will increasingly integrate more ideally-sourced foods to help recalibrate your biochemistry, brain and nervous system.


      DAYS 8-14: After the first week, you may have begun to experience a sense of culmination, new realizations, greater self-awareness and stability from your new practices, all giving way to a feeling of increased momentum.


      DAYS 15-21: In this module, the first week of the Lifestyle Phase (Lifestyle I), you shift from the clean-slate mode after two weeks in Induction Phase as you begin to reintroduce more foods you had eliminated before, and expand your dietary horizons.


      DAYS 22-28: In the last module, Lifestyle II Phase, you may reintroduce more foods you had previously eliminated. You have learned and continue to learn more about which practices work best for you.


      Shopping list of foods for Induction, Lifestyle I, Lifestyle II. Includes suggestions for those with thyroid and gallblader concerns.


      You’ll enjoy timely educational emails from Erika throughout the program to enhance your TCB experience, including valuable insider tips, explanations, and more.


      Cultivate newfound awareness about what’s going on in your body + mind, and track your progress with Daily + Weekly Worksheets and Questionnaires that you can access digitally or print.

    I'm ready for this!


    Plus, you get these Bonuses!


      This gorgeous bonus digital book includes 75+ TCB-approved real food recipes by Erika Herman perfect for each phase of TCB, and beyond.


      Enjoy the support of community just as committed as you!


      Are you really lactose-intolerant? Do you truly have problems with all dairy foods, or only certain kinds? Can you handle processed-pasteurized dairy? Or can you only handle dairy when it’s raw and in certain forms? Dairy Detective features three gameplans you can sync with TCB to reintegrate dairy the smart way after eliminating it for Induction Phase–you pick which is best for you. Improve digestion, keep your gut healthy, nix unnecessary food-elimination, and learn how your unique body responds to dairy. (Note: dairy is only one of several eliminations and optional re-introductions in TCB.)


      Snag your own unabridged audiobook copy of Erika’s bestseller that started it all! Narrated by Erika Herman and Julian Whelan.

      Eat all the taboo foods you’ve been told will make you a fatass and kill you. Eat them as if your waist, life, and the planet’s health depend on it–because they do. What if everything you know about nutrition, weight loss, disease-prevention, sustainability and planetary health isn’t true? What if

      • most food cravings have nothing to do with lack of willpower
      • calorie-counting isn’t an accurate tool for weight loss
      • dietary fat doesn’t make you fat
      • saturated fat is healthy and you should be eating a lot more of it
      • women with higher cholesterol live longer than women with low cholesterol
      • salt consumption doesn’t give you high blood pressure, or make you bloated
      • the real Mediterranean Diet is very different from what you think it is
      • the Glycemic Index is flawed
      • plant-based diets trigger inflammation
      • plant foods can’t do many important things for your body that animal foods can
      • no culture in the history of humanity has been able to continue its line on a diet devoid of animal foods
      • ecological sustainability depends on non-commercial animal husbandry?

      What if science indicates these what-ifs are reality? Because it does. What if you could lose weight, feel vitalized, nix cravings, and save the planet—all while indulging in foods you love? Because you can. Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess shows you how.

    dynamic CEO + Founder of CreativePAW (Creative Projects for Animal Welfare)

    "In 28-days, I lost 15 lbs–without cravings or deprivation. I dropped 10 lbs in my first 2 weeks."



     More praise from Elisa about TCB

    “I spent pretty much my entire life as a vegetarian (ages 11-29), and several months on/off as a vegan.

    I have worked in animal welfare for 20-plus years, and own my own animal welfare advocacy group that supports the rescue community.

    At best, during those 18 years, I bounced around with poor vitamin levels and anemia, developed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and felt like crap, but I stuck with it because was able to sit tall on my moral ‘high-horse,’ and kept telling myself a ‘plant-based diet’ was ‘healthy’ for me and the planet.

    Then I read Erika's book and signed on for Erika's pilot TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP program.

    Erika’s program has shown me I can feel HEALTHY, SATIATED and VIBRANT, all while I sit tall on my moral ‘high-horse,’ eating animal foods-because I know the source of those foods are entirely sustainable, humane, good for the planet, and nutrient-dense in a way that my past diet was incapable of being.

    In 28-days, I lost 15 lbs–without cravings or deprivation. I dropped 10 lbs in my first 2 weeks.

    I can’t believe how I’m not craving sugar or sweets.

    I feel SATISFIED in a way I’ve never experienced.

    My digestion is amazing.

    I’m experiencing an overall feeling of stability-even in the face of really crappy days (you know, the kind life inevitably throws at you).

    I’m shocked by how food is no longer causing me the turmoil I had sadly grown used to over the years. I feel empowered. I’m now using FOOD AS A TOOL, INSTEAD OF A CRUTCH, which prior to this program I hadn’t done for longer than I can remember.

    This is BEYOND PROGRESS for me.

    I haven’t touched sugar (‘real’ or ‘artificial’), and don’t even miss it. Considering my history with sweets, I feel like I should get some kind of sobriety chip for this!”

    I'm ready to get empowered!


    A little review of TCB highlights...


        Enjoy lifetime access to all features of TCB, including any updates.

         [Value: Priceless]


        You'll spend 28 days learning from Erika all about life-changing nutrition practices--whether you're at home or on-the-go on your smartphone.

        [Value: $2000]


        Shopping Lists with brand + product suggestions and detailed nutrition info help you know what to buy no matter where you are.
        Cultivate awareness with Daily + Weekly Worksheets and Questionaires you can access digitally or print.

        [Value: $200 + $100]


        75+ Recipe book, Dairy Detective, and the unabidged audiobook of Erika's bestselling book.

        [Value: $200]


        TCB's official guidebook. 75+ pages, packed with everything you need to know about every Phase of the program.

        [Value: $500]

        MEAL PLANS 

        Enjoy a variety of delicious meals and snacks with customizable options for every day of TCC and beyond.

        [Value: $400]


        You'll enjoy timely educational emails from Erika throughout the program to enhance your TCB experience, including valuable insider tips, explanations, and more.

        [Value: $400]

        Features icons - Facebook group


        Enjoy the benefits of community in your journey.
        Connect with TCC's current students + grads.

        [Value: Priceless]

        That's a total value of over $3,800, and I'm offering you Lifetime Access to everything for a small fraction of the value.

        The value of TCB

        "I created this program to save you time + money + a royal headache + more time in which you don’t enjoy being in you body."  - Erika

        The cost of this program is beyond valuable.

        A single hour-long one-on-one consult with Erika costs more than what you pay for this entire month-long program, including lifetime access to extensive beyond-valuable content, easy-to-follow info, tips and practices (the confidence gained from expert-coaching, a gorgeous guide book, meal plans (customizable and loaded with choice!), recipes, Erika's tips and lessons regularly in your inbox, and more), and the support of your peers in the private Facebook group).

        This program is like having Erika as a little bird on your shoulder for life for a fraction of the cost.

        I'm ready to take control - without rigidity or deprivation!

        JOIN NOW!

        Julian Walker

        yoga + meditation teacher, author, and Creator of Open Sky Bodywork

        “I lost 17 lbs over the course of my TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP!"


        Julian dishes about his TCB experience

        Here's what Julian had to say one year after graduating from TCB:

        "When I did my program with Erika a year ago, I had amazing results. I dropped 17 lb in a month, hitting an ideal weight I had never dreamed I would, and actually did a shirtless yoga and fitness photoshoot to celebrate.

        Cut to one year later: I hadn’t gotten on the scale in a long time, and was really enjoying and feeling satisfied with my new way of eating that has had this fascinating effect: I want even smaller portions of food nowadays, and feel satiated for longer afterwards. I had experienced such profound satiety during the program a year ago, but things have only gotten better.

        I also think that, over the course of the past year, my body’s way of metabolizing calories when I exercise has changed because I notice my body composition stays leaner even without increasing my exercise regime.

        So I got on the scale and found not only had I kept off the weight I lost during the program one year ago, but I was actually 1 lb lighter than the day of my photoshoot at the end of the program–all with eating normally, and exercising at the same frequency and intensity as I have for several years now.

        Erika’s program works. It is based on up-to-the-minute research that has radically changed how my body relates to food and exercise, processes calories and burns fat.”

        Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

        Q1: Do I have to have read Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess to join TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP? +

        A: Nope. Though I certainly hope you do read it! But fear not: all program participants get a gift unabridged audiobook download of my bestselling book that started it all.

        Q2: Do I have to complete the program in the 4 weeks it takes each module to run? +

        A: Not at all! You may take as long as you like—this should be your program. You have lifetime access to the content. Be sure to review the Refund Policy (see below).

        Q3: I read Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess. How is this program different from your book? Can I just read your book and apply some ideas? +

        A: My book is about research and information; it's an in-depth evidence-based exposé and defense of "taboo" real foods, but it does not provide daily eating protocol, nor is it a blueprint for how to skillfully combine foods, and masterfully shift dietary gears from week to week to stimulate targeted biological and psychological effects—that's what my program does. The best comparison for my program: It's like shifting gears in a car. To boot, you might start in the lowest gear in a Hyundai, but end up in a Ferrari for the highest gear.

        Q4: Can I do this program if I am gluten-free, or dairy-free? +

        A: Yes, all foods suggested in TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP are gluten-free. Dairy is eliminated entirely for part of the program, with only optional strategic stepped reintroduction for the remaining part of the program (and beyond). The program is very much tailored with attention to more common sensitivities / temporary sensitivities.

        Q5: I have sensitivities to particular foods. Is this program suitable for me? +

        A: This program provides a wide array of daily food options (meals, snacks, etc.), so you can easily avoid trigger foods.

        Q6: I've tried low-carb, Paleo, ancestral, Atkins, and/or ketogenic diets. Is TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP the same thing? +

        A: No. TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP is uniquely science-based, not iterative. While this program includes some similar features, it is distinct from these and all other diets. I am familiar with diet trends from the last several decades, and know you will not find TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP's protocol elsewhere. Keep in mind, the powerful wisdom of this program is not just in the kinds of foods you eat, but how you eat them over the course of the 28 days (all while customizing the program to your unique needs). TCB features strategic elimination and reintroduction of specific foods (some required, some optional). Real food-focused programs like Whole30, for example, do not offer this critical feature. Again, I liken the way TCB unfolds to the way you would shift gears in a car. Remember: no one learns how to drive a stick shift without guidance!

        Q7: I read your book and know you advocate eating grass-fed pastured animal foods. I am concerned because these foods aren't entirely/always available to me in my area. Can I still do the program? +

        A. Yes! In the program, I explain the three tiers of food sourcing, Ideal, Good, and Commit To Improving Your Options. You will still experience positive shifts in your response to food (i.e. cravings and satiety) even if you are not eating all ideally-sourced foods. Keep in mind, one part of your work in this program includes locating and acquiring (online + in-store) ideally-sourced foods. You are provided resources to assist with this process, and will dialogue in community with other dedicated participants about your resources. You will also determine how you may need to forgo/occasionally forgo certain ideal sources based on your unique situation. You will learn to be compassionate with your unique situation when truly necessary, as you create YOUR unique TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP and set the stage for a true lifestyle transformation.

        Q8: I am worried about paying more for "healthy" foods. Will this program break the bank? +

        A: It shouldn't. TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP may introduce new foods into your diet, or foods you have not regularly eaten before. But that doesn't mean you'll wind up with a hole in your wallet. Here are some things to keep in mind about this program's benefits, in regard to home economics:

        1. The cost of food in this program is a part of your regular food budget.
        2. It is common for people to pleasantly discover they are so satiated by the foods options in TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP, they wind up eating less, and therefore spend less on food, even if some of their newly integrated foods may cost a little more. (Note: not all new foods will cost more—you'll be surprised!) In this way, for some people, TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP can pay for itself, in as little as a couple months.
        3. People may also experience a decrease in health problems, and start to save money because they no longer need products they formerly did. Again, the program can pay for itself in this way.

        Consider this program part of your healthy lifestyle, and an investment in your future.

        Q9: Can I eat out during TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP? +

        A. Yes. Eating out is not off-limits. I have designed this program to be sustainable. It would be unrealistic and unsustainable for you to not be able to eat out, and learn how to eat out the skillful TCC way. For each of the phases in the program, I share guidelines for optimal ways to eat out. You can also easily consult The Guide, and Menu Inspiration charts on your smartphone to put together an optimal meal while dining away from home.

        Keep in mind: especially during the early part of the Induction Phase, and for the majority of the program (by no means every single day), it is recommended that you prepare breakfast to start your day. This works out well because breakfast is generally the easiest, most realistic meal to prepare--you just woke up at home! Many suggested meals are very quick to prepare.

        It is also ideal that you prepare more of your meals at the very beginning of the program (the early stages of the 2-week Induction Phase) while you get used to the protocol, and so you have control over the ingredients in the majority of your meals.

        My program's Case Studies, and graduates happily learned that they were able to comfortably integrate eating out (for work lunches, and social dinners) during their 28-day programs (and beyond).

        Q10: I have low blood sugar/hypoglycemia and need to eat frequently. Is this program suitable for me? +

        A. Yes. One of the big lessons in this program is how to eat skillfully to stabilize blood sugar. If you have to eat frequently, it is likely because you are not aware of the most effective nutritional approaches to stabilize blood sugar. Each Case Study who has participated in this program has experienced blood sugar regulation quickly into the course of their programs, even for those plagued with years of chronic low blood sugar issues. They found exceptional reduction in—and for some total elimination of—their symptoms, combined with a drastic increase in the amount of time they can go between meals.

        Q11: Can I still have my cup of coffee in the morning during the program? +

        A. Yes. During the program, coffee (or any caffeinated beverage) is reduced to one cup per day in the morning. I am opposed to students cutting out caffeine entirely + cold-turkey during the program if they are already regular drinkers because doing so can obscure your observations of the effects of all the foundational nutrition + lifestyle changes you're making during the program. So not only are you allowed to drink a cup of caffeinated beverage in the morning, I won't let you not do it, unless you are feeling so good, you genuinely don't want it (and yes, this miracle happens often in the program!). My philosophy is to stabilize yourself with the foundational nutrition + lifestyle practices first, then things like entirely cutting caffeine can follow naturally and with minimal distress. People need caffeine withdrawal during the program like they need a hole in the head!

        Q12: Is this program suitable for vegans? Vegetarians? +

        A. This program is not suitable for vegans as it requires consumption of animal foods. Vegetarians could, in theory, participate in this program; however, doing so would necessitate a heavy reliance on non-meat animal foods: eggs (for most of the program), and dairy (but only for a limited time because dairy is not included for the entire program). The program emphasizes the importance of variety and rotation in food selections so as to prevent food sensitivities because the foods we eat most frequently are the foods we are most likely to develop sensitivities to. Vegetarians need to decide if they are comfortable with this heavier emphasis on specific foods.

        Q13: What is your policy on refunds? (PLEASE READ THIS ONE) +

        A: I've invested years and countless time and dollars into the creation of TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP. I've tested it extensively. I know the result of my work is a powerful, quality product. Of course, I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. I stand by this program with a 100% money-back guarantee. That said, this program is for those who are ready to commit to not just the program, but themselves. Click here for TCB's Refund Policy.


        Daniela is a beyond-full-time high-school English teacher

        “I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. This is the fastest I’ve ever lost weight, and most fulfilled I’ve ever been–dieting or not. This is coming from someone who has tried Weight Watchers five times, and systems like My Fitness Pal.”

        The verdict on TCB direct from Daniela's mouth

        Hi, I'm Erika.

        I'm a Health Hacker, Real Food + Functional Nutritionist, Bestselling Author, here to help you cut through diet+health hype, and love your food, body and life. I unify Real Food Nutrition with Mind-Body Integrative Practices, and Individualized Biochemistry, so you can finally get energized and reverse aging in a delicious way that's right for you.

        If you're anything like I was, you know all too well what it's like to feel out of control with food, consumed by low or erratic energy, bloating and other digestive problems, weight struggles, imbalanced hormones (and everything that comes with it), uncomfortable in your body, and frustrated after yet another fad-diet and nutrition program fails--even those science-y "progressive" ones, and those endorsed by doctors!

        I tried it all, and I know what it's like to blame myself for a diet not working, instead of seeing the diet as the problem.

        But I learned how to break free the delicious, satisfying, deprivation-free way. And now I'm here to show you how.

        TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP is a proven system, based on the past 18+ years of my research and experimentation with real food nutrition science, mind-body integrative practices, and human biochemistry, as well as successful coaching of countless women and men of all ages and walks of life (from stay-at-home moms and dads to A-list celebrities, high-powered attorneys, and seasoned medical professionals) who were empowered to finally tap in to sustainable, delicious change, just like you can.

        Erika has been seen in

        Is TCB right for you?


          1. If you think you “get” eating real nutrient-dense foods, understand the problems with sugar or excess starch, have tried low-carb, Atkins, Paleo, ketogenic approaches, or Whole30, have even read my book and tweaked your diet, but somehow things aren’t optimal. You don’t know what optimal is yet, because you haven’t experienced it, but you know THIS isn’t it. If this is the case, I guarantee you you are missing something—and likely many somethings—TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP will clarify.

          2. You’re the type of person who will 100% follow through with a training course. You’re either this type of person or you aren’t. You know who you are.

          3. You think you know how to lose weight, stabilize blood sugar, prevent disease, etc. Great. Then why aren’t you doing it? If it’s because getting healthy is so complicated, requires so much deprivation, or eating so frequently throughout the day that you avoid making a commitment, there’s something wrong with your go-to “get healthy” approach. TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP shows you how to tell complication, deprivation and the need to carry a pantry in your purse or pocket to kiss your you-know-what. And if your get-healthy approach doesn’t feature strategic eliminations and reintroduction of foods, you’re also missing something important (or many somethings).

          You understand value. You understand price is not the same as value. You get that you can afford TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP if you can afford: 

          • a month or two of car or car insurance payments (of course, you wouldn’t drive without insurance, why is it acceptable to navigate life without knowing how to skilfully eat for optimal health?)
          • regular yoga classes (let’s face it: OMing does not a satisfied tummy make)     
          • gym membership (which you likely will not use or use often; plus, nutrition has a far greater impact on health and weight than exercise alone) 
          • a couple months of your daily $5 foamy coffee drink (even though you could make your own at home for one-tenth the cost).

          More importantly, the cost isn’t a cost, it’s an investment in your future—you invest once, dedicate less than a month, and you’re empowered with tools, and a new experience of your body—for life. You emerge knowing how to eat—for life. Unlike pricey sessions with personal trainers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychologists, etc., which you need to regularly attend to see and maintain results, this program is isolated to 28 days of your life, but provides life-long empowerment.

          Keep in mind: what you would pay for an hour-long one-on-one consult with Erika is much more expensive than what you pay for this entire 28-day program, plus lifetime access to extensive content of easy-to-follow info, tips and practices. This program is like having Erika as a little bird on your shoulder for life for a fraction of the cost.

        • TCB IS NOT FOR YOU IF…

          1. If you are looking for a rigid straitjacket of a diet program. This program empowers you to find freedom. If you want a straitjacket, and you want to walk around constantly finding reasons to feel bad that you aren’t doing things “right,” this isn’t for you.

          2. If this investment will put you into financial hardship. If this is the case, focus on reading and re-reading my book, and my articles on my website, and experiment with those ideas. That will help you gain some momentum until you can do this program in the future.

          3. If price is more important to you than value. Again, this is an intensive 28 days that gives you tools for the rest of your life, and can actually pay for itself very soon (see answer to F.A.Q. “I am worried about increased cost of ‘healthy’ foods. Will this program break the bank?”).

          4. If you aren’t willing to put in the work. This is a program that requires action. This is not solely about intaking information. Each Module in the course includes reading and referencing The Guide at the beginning of most weeks to learn the protocol (not a ton of reading, but you must do it!), daily Food Journals + Reflections, Weekly Assessments, engagement in the private Facebook community, and more. You also need to shop for foods (online and/or in-store). If you can’t/won’t do the work, this program isn’t for you.

          5. If you are solely interested in weight loss, or a quick fix. This program teaches you how to eat—sustainably—and for a multitude of health issues. Weight loss is a likely byproduct, but your focus should be on learning to be sustainably healthy, and motivated by a desire to master your health, body and the way you understand and experience food. While it is nice to lose weight for summer, or to fit into a dress for a special occasion, this is an intensive 28 days that gives you tools for the rest of your life, and should be approached as such.

          6. If you think you already know (most) everything about nutrition. If this is the case you should already be where you want to be, and if you’re not, you have other things to address before your diet.

          7. If you can’t stop doubting that this program is right for you—somehow your situation feels too special/weird/unsolvable/etc.—and this causes you anxiety. By now, I’ve shared extensive material from multiple case studies—women and men who struggled with a wide array of health conditions that improved or vanished during the course of their TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP:

          • stubborn weight
          •chronic pain and inflammation
          • low blood sugar/hypoglycemia (and all its symptoms: shakiness, irritability, light-headedness)
          • digestive problems (bloating, irregularity, heartburn, GERD, etc.)
          • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
          • unhealthy cholesterol
          • low energy 
          • constantly feeling hungry/unsatisfied
          • sugar and caffeine addiction
          • the after-effects of Lyme disease
          • and much more.

          8. If you can’t stand the idea of going 1 or 2 weeks forgoing certain foods, then 1 or 2 weeks variably limiting and reintroducing others (while still feeling unbelievably satiated). The variations in this program’s approach are temporary, in order to leverage you into a lifetime of empowered, skillful eating to produce benefits that feel good. If you’re willing to forfeit that kind of power and reward all for a day or week or two of eating certain foods that may in fact be keeping you ball-and-chained without your knowledge or consent, this program isn’t for you. There’s no way around it: if you do not temporarily forgo, or limit certain foods (all while nevertheless feeling incredibly satisfied) you will never be able to biologically understand what is controlling your body, emotions and psychology. You will never have the chance to free yourself from your cravings, or understand which foods trigger negative responses (digestive, energy, mood, hormonal, immune, etc.) , unless you follow the steps in this program.

          Furthermore, you will never know if food can’t resolve your problems. For about 80% of the population, strategically addressing your diet the way you do in TCB will resolve your problems. For the other 20%, you may need to go beyond food. But you must always begin with food; if you do not, you will continue to live in the dark.

          If you wish to remain bound by your blind spots, that is up to you. But if you do, this program isn’t for you.

          Keep in mind: even with very temporary eliminations or reductions in certain foods, you will not feel uncomfortable in this program. On the contrary, across the board, Case Studies and graduates reported they felt better in the program than they’ve felt in years. Every participant (woman or man, tiny or tall) asserts s/he always felt satiated, didn’t feel like s/he was missing out, and had no idea before the program that it was even possible to feel so vitalized, grounded, and satisfied. Unfortunately, if you haven’t felt this way, you are only able to intellectualize these feelings. If you aren’t prepared to get out of your head, out of your own way, and take a leap, then this program isn’t for you.

        Jessica is mom to a two-year old, and works full-time

        Day 6 of 28: I am loving this program.  I thought it would be so much harder to relearn everything I was raised on, but thanks to the science behind this program, I feel like I “get it” and can go with it. It also helps that I’ve lost 6 lbs so far [in 6 days] and have so much more energy.

        Sure there have been some ups and downs in the first 6 days, as is always the case with adjusting to a new approach, but the ups are pretty high and frequent and the lows aren’t too bad or too often.

        Just today, my husband said, “You do have more energy, that’s the girl I married!” as I was reorganizing the fridge and doing the dishes after a 5:30am wake-up from the cat, 6:30am get-up with the baby, then the gym and farmers market.

        Previously, I had been chalking my lack of energy up to having a toddler and breastfeeding. Little did I know what I was eating was having such a profound effect.

        I also have had basically no cravings and that’s coming from someone who has religiously needed something sweet after meals even when I was full. It’s crazy!! I even watched my husband buy warm out the oven pastries at the farmers market today and didn’t even blink an eye. Who am I???  

        I am really excited to continue this program and begin Week 2! Just had to share my excitement!

        DAY 25 of 28: The program far exceeded my expectations. It was well thought out and really, to be honest, revolutionary. 

        The information is simple and makes sense AND it works! I had no idea I would be a convert—I didn’t go in with any expectations. 

        My number one biggest insight is understanding the science behind the methodology. I have never understood and believed the theory behind any other diet I have done. As someone who likes to question and research, I really appreciated the thoroughness of this program.

        I have been raving about this program to everyone I talk to because I actually WANT to continue this program for the rest of my life. There is no deprivation, just mindfulness.

        I just wanted to say thank you, Erika. This is the first program I’ve connected with, and feel satisfied rather than deprived, feel proud of myself and I’m seeing results!

        I’m so thankful and it’s really starting to feel natural and become second nature to eat this way.

        It’s amazing to not be ruled by cravings! I’ve learned so much!

        (Jeff is a 6’3″ man, a trained attorney, who for years worked at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory); he is a husband and busy father of two, who transitioned into being a full-time stay-at-home dad at the end of his program)

        “During the program, I had extenuating life circumstances–it was the 8th month of my wife’s pregnancy. Three days ago we had our second child.

        My life had been extremely challenging, and I am very glad I had the program to work with.

        Before the program, I would never feel satisfied by my meals for more than a few hours, and would experience frequent low-blood sugar attacks–light-headedness, shakiness, exhaustion or irritability if I didn’t eat immediately.

        Now, I no longer experience these attacks.

        Overall, my energy levels are also more consistent. 

        Before the program, I also had frequent cravings for sweets, and often binged. Within the first week of the program, I noticed my cravings for sweets disappear.

        Now my cravings are infrequent, and if I do go for something sweet, just a small amount is satisfying.” 

        One year after graduating from TCB:“I revisited TCB, and, once again, I'm stunned by the difference in how I feel.

        I'm only at the first week of the program, and already I’m experiencing no carb/sugar cravings at all.

        I easily go 4-5 hours between meals (which was something I couldn’t have done before TCB without getting shaky, lightheaded, and irritable.

        You really could change the world with TCB, Erika, or at least change the U.S. You could be bigger than Oprah.”

        Watch Jeff’s interview about his TCB success:

        More TCB Success Stories

        (in case you need more convincing)


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