In this info-rich interview, Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, and Hype-Blaster “Heretic,” Erika Herman calls BS on nutrition hype so you can enjoy food + optimal health.


Fit Solution Summit host, Vanessa Ortega (left) interviews Erika Herman (right)

In this interview I dish about:

  • My history, and what drove me to write my bestselling book, Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess: The Untold story of Healthy Foods
  • My philosophy about nutrition and health
  • What I call the mind-body-nutrition connection
  • How to eat healthy, organic, unprocessed foods without breaking the bank (this isn’t what you’ve heard before–and guarantees you walk around satisfied!)
  • Why you may not be able to lose weight and get fit, even though you’re eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly (brace yourself for my answer!)
  • The real reason you can never seem to stay motivated, or follow a new fitness or nutrition program for the long-term (hint: I don’t want you to have to rely on willpower, and her approach nixes that need)
  • The real cause of food cravings, and how to put them in their place–the delicious, satiating way
  • My thoughts on low-carb diets, the confusion about it, and how to not fall into common nutritional traps that can come along with low-carb diets (carbs aren’t bad–if you know what I tell you about!)
  • How to balance hormones with food–the simple, tasty way (relax, this involves “Eating Like a Fatass”)
  • MY ANSWER TO THIS MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Despite what it may seem, there really isn’t as much conflicting solid research out there about what makes for a “healthy” diet
  • Why doctors aren’t nutrition experts (my answer is evidence-based, not sensationalist–seriously, could you expect anything else from me?)
  • The problem with the media, good journalism, and the way it shapes what you think of as “healthy”

NOTE: Free gift offer mentioned at the end of the interview is no longer valid.

This was an Interview for Fit Solution Summit, hosted by Vanessa Ortega (

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