Best Portable Water Filters
One of the great privileges of living in an industrialized nation is access to sanitized water not contaminated with pathogens. However, such tap water is still rife with toxins that have no place in the human body–substances like chlorine, lead, arsenic, mercury, and fluoride. Unfortunately, there are downsides to many in-home water filters (don’t be so certain yours is not one of these!). And finding truly clean sources to refill your water bottle while you’re on the go can be a problem. So what is the best portable water filter (and one you can even use to enhance in-home water filtering)?

The Problem With Most Water Filters (Brita Pitchers, Reverse Osmosis, Berkey, and More)

As a functional practitioner, I can’t tell you how often the likes of, or biomarkers of arsenic, lead, mercury, and chlorine show up in clients’ lab work. These toxins are all too often one of the major root causes of a cascade of multi-system disease and dysregulation (endocrine/hormonal, immunological, neurological, etc.).

Your water is a major source of potential toxin-exposure.

“But I use a water filter,” you say.

Yes, bottled water is ridiculous (access to clean water should not be privatized), creates unnecessary waste (read: all those containers), and is loaded with chemicals if the bottles are plastic (most are).

Still, you may not be aware that most water filters aren’t the end-all-be-all and have downsides.

It’s not enough to simply use a Brita (or similar) pitcher because these filters don’t remove chlorine, only “chlorine taste.”

Chlorine is a major biological disruptor, and kills your gut microflora. When you consider your gut microflora comprises about 80 percent of your immune system, and is a major regulator of your body’s inflammatory response, that’s kind of a big deal.

As I say like a broken record, inflammation (along with oxidation) is at the heart of most disease. Inflammation does not exist in a bubble, but it’s what shows up when functional root causes are playing out.

Chlorine might disinfect H20, but it has no place in or near the human body (liquid or vapor form). The father of two of my friends since high school was the former director of the water treatment plant for all of Los Angeles. He made sure to install water filters in his house. My friends told me he always used to tell them the water in Los Angeles is clean in terms of pathogens, but you should still remove the chlorine before you use it.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations enforcing such purification. It’s all up to you educating yourself and taking informed action.

So here we are.

Reverse osmosis, although it does work well to purify water, also strips water of minerals. Our need for minerals is foundational, especially because minerals regulate cellular voltage (yes, our bodies are electrical systems, and cellular voltage is everything!). Reverse osmosis makes remineralization beyond important, albeit too often neglected.

So let’s say you’ve thrown down money and you have the likes of a Berkey water filter, often considered the gold standard when it comes to water purification and optimal pH (not too acidic, not too alkaline–just what the human body needs). Let’s say you’re on the go and you drink all the filtered water in your reusable water bottle (this happens to me all the time). What then?

Do you fill your bottle with tap water from a water fountain, or at some business establishment?

Do you buy a plastic bottle of water?

Or maybe you buy a glass bottle of water (inconvenient, albeit non-plastic, because now you have to make another stop).

Any which way, this M.O. is not as optimized for efficiency and self-sufficiency as it could be.

Time for a tried and true health hack.

What Is The Best Portable Water Filter for Sanitized Water? (And One You Can Use With Your At-Home Water Filter Too)

My top pick for the best portable water filter to remove chemical toxins from sanitized water is PuriBloc’s GoPure Water Filter.

This little pod removes 99% of lead and arsenic, and 97% of chlorine and fluoride from tap water, and adds vital trace minerals. It’s good for up to six months or 264 gallons of water. You can even use a dedicated pod in your pet’s water bowl to purify and prevent biofilm build-up (that slimy stuff you don’t want your pet ingesting).

From the company’s website: “Inside the Pod is an advanced, highly porous ceramic made from food grade minerals of biogenic origin. Processed with patented technology the GoPure Pod continuously attracts and adsorbs impurities, balances pH and releases valuable trace minerals. The result is fresh, great-tasting drinking water!”

The website says you can use GoPure pods in any container. Although I would suggest using a-non plastic water bottle because plastic leaches all kinds of chemicals. I’m not a fan of putting this in stainless steel because stainless steel isn’t always truly clean since it’s an alloy. I also avoid BPA-free plastics. I prefer to use this in my glass water bottle. Now, when I’m on the go, I can simply refill my water bottle wherever I go.

Plus, you can combine GoPure with your current at-home water filter selection to take purification up many notches (removing impurities your filter can’t remove, and remineralizing it). In any case, I still wouldn’t be a fan of the likes of Brita (ew, that plastic pitcher).

What Is The Best Portable Water Filter for Unsanitized Water and International Travel?

My pick for a portable water filter (that is actually its own bottle) for international travel to countries without sanitized tap water is Grayl.

I spent days scouring Google, Amazon, you name it.

I pored over countless websites, FAQs, and reviews.

I compared and cross-compared.

Grayl truly seemed like the best for purifying water from microbial contaminants. Its Amazon product page notes that it “removes 99.9999% of viruses (e.g. Hepatitis A, SARS, Rotavirus); 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella, Cholera); and 99.999% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium),” while also filtering “particulates (e.g. sediment, silt), many chemicals (e.g. chlorine, benzene) and heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic); zero aftertaste, eliminates bad odors, improves clarity and flavor.”

But I wanted reassurance from a trusted personal and authoritative source. So I asked my good friend, Justin Klein, who runs, the labyrinthine Calgon-take-me-away blog also known as “Life of a Traveling Programmer.” Justin spends most months out of the year living abroad in non-industrialized nations–nations without the kind of water sanitization we take for granted here in the States, and the rest of the “developed world.”

I was stoked and felt a gush of gratitude and confidence when Justin said he uses Grayl for all his travels abroad. Sold.

When I next travel abroad I plan to use Grayl, and pop my GoPure Pod into my Grayl-purified water.

Why You Need the Best Portable Water Filter Wherever You Are

Clean mineral-rich water complements clean nutrient-dense food.  Water and food are the foundation of optimal health and healing.

From a functional point of view, heavy metals and contaminants produced and found in our environment (exogenous toxins), and also produced within (endogenous toxins) can trigger a cascade of disease. I discuss this at length in my FREE eBookThe Biggest Mistake Most Health Conscious People Make & Why It’s Not Your Fault“–if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it. Now. I’ll be right here when you get back. (You can download it via any of the opt-in boxes on my site.)

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If you feel like you’ve already got the food-component down, but you’re still spinning your wheels and can’t lose weight or heal, your situation may be more complex. We must always start with food, but the 80/20 rule applies when it comes to nutritional healing. You may also be suffering from other imbalances that food alone can’t heal, whether it’s to do with hormones, your thyroid, immunity, or blood sugar axis–the list of conditions goes on (and yes, you can have problems along the blood sugar “axis” that food alone cannot fix!).

In these cases, you have to go deeper than food–and deeper than a lot of the information out there tells you to go (a lot of that still only scratches the surface). For about 80 percent of people, strategically updating your diet (like you do with TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP) will resolve your health issues (including stubborn weight, thyroid and hormone problems, and more).

But what do you do when food changes aren’t enough? What do you do when you’re the other 20 percent?

If you’re part of that 20 percent, there is hope! This is where you need need to roll up your sleeves and “get under the hood,” as I like to say. This means digging in to your unique biochemistry, assessing root cause (which goes beyond food, and deeper than many “experts” our there go), and getting bio-individualized. ​​​​​​​

Learn more about how my Custom Coaching can help, if you’re part of the 20 percent, and take the reins with your health!

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