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Get the lowdown on what's being missed by your practitioners, and why you're not getting better... you don't slip through the cracks of both Conventional and Alternative Healthcare you can self-advocate to dial in root cause faster and cut your doctor's visits and medical bills into a fraction of what they would otherwise be.

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Are you still spinning your wheels with low energy, funky digestion, unrefreshing sleep, pain, headaches, and/or imbalanced hormones and mood?

Are you over it with hearing your healthcare practitioners say everything "looks good" in your labs, but you know something is still off? 

Have you been on a Wild Goose Chase in which no doctor/practitioner been able to help you?

Or are you frustrated with temporary victories? Do you feel excited that you've gotten rid of symptoms and made progress only to have the same or entirely different (and maybe even seemingly unrelated) symptoms crop up after a period of time? [grumble]

This is more common than you may realize. And you're in the right place.

Conventional and Alternative Modern Healthcare have oversimplified screening and lab testing for some of the most foundational early markers of health + disease.

This oversimplification and oversight leaves countless Health Seekers like you in the dark about how to feel better and wisely invest your time, money, and sanity. 

To help, I've created a FREE Training to help you identify your blindspots and put you back in the driver's seat of your own health. 

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myths and truths about the root causes of chronic health problems that modern healthcare all too often overlooks or does not optimally address

myths about lab testing for important preliminary markers of health/disease

what to look for in your labs to better understand what’s really going on and more efficiently + effectively work with your healthcare providers, or discern if other providers may be better suited to your needs


What I look for with a client when I start working 1-on-1

The Top 5 Problems with Preliminary Lab Testing and Interpretation

Tools to understand what you and your healthcare teams should be vetting early on that is often missed

Tools to understand which preliminary labs are often missed or misinterpreted in modern healthcare

Erika Herman |

Hi, I'm Erika Herman...

Functional Health + Nutrition Expert and Bestselling Author with 18 years experience researching and consulting for complex health conditions. I revolutionize all things holistic health for intelligent women and men who are sick of BS so they can finally, sustainably...

Get more energy

Heal from chronic health problems

Reverse aging

Optimize immune resilience

Learn about + tackle the deepest root causes of disease + health

And navigate the unique challenges of the 21st century... a hype-free way that's right for them.

I've personally slipped through the cracks of not just modern conventional healthcare, but alternative healthcare too.

If it weren't for my incisive critical thinking, my strong discernment, my background as a researcher, and my clinical experience as a practitioner, I wouldn't have figured out what was wrong--or it would have taken me another 1-2 decades of rolling the figurative dice while bleeding out my wallet and praying I stumble across someone who could help me. 

So I have A LOT of empathy for others who are spinning their wheels despite their best efforts.

I also have a ton of respect for a lot of doctors/practitioners. But:

(1) I've experienced many a Conventional/Alternative/Naturopathic/Functional doctor/practitioner/what-have-you and was repeatedly floored by the limits of what they considered in + how they interpreted the fruits of their investigations.  

Both with my own health and my clients' health.

A nationally renown head surgeon at a major hospital admitted to me, "You were right and we were wrong" after I opted out of massively invasive surgery and healed myself.

I've witnessed alternative doctors and specialists regularly miss (what should have been) the writing on the wall in both my own and my clients' labs and symptoms. 

I've worked with clients who have spent years and decades spinning their wheels and shelling out thousands of dollars with little to show for it--even when they meet open-minded and well-meaning doctors and practitioners who are not dismissive, are willing to listen, and run a barrage of tests.

This is all too common.

(2) I am at a place in my professional and personal lives where a credential does not automatically indicate critical thinking or capability...

Show me you didn't just memorize what you were taught (whether conventional or alternative teachings).

Show me you're truly a critical thinker.

Show me you make connections where others don't.

Show me you don't get distracted by the many ways the body expresses dis-ease and can home in on root cause. 

Now more than ever We The People need empowerment via incisive questioning, education, and community. 

I am committed to being a part of the solution, and am grateful to empower your TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION®.

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