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5 Surprising Dietary Changes for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

You wield the power to achieve healthy cholesterol levels by eating a satisfying diet rich in “taboo” foods.

In #8 of my article, 10 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Cholesterol, I explain how cholesterol isn’t what you think it is, and how cholesterol and your diet work together in different ways than you’ve been told by most medical professionals and mainstream media.

Despite what you’ve likely heard, healthy cholesterol levels aren’t achieved

  • by lowering dietary cholesterol
  • by lowering total cholesterol levels
  • by lowering LDL on standard cholesterol tests (standard cholesterol tests can provide inaccurate results about disease-risk. To learn more about your best indicators of heart disease risk, be sure to check out #9 of the above-linked article).

Read on to learn about 5 surprising dietary changes that actually do help you achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

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