Anti Inflammatory Foods List

There’s a lot of noise out there about which foods are anti inflammatory. Here’s a simple anti inflammatory foods list to support cleansing, weight loss and maintenance, vitality, disease prevention, hormone balancing, fertility, and more.

Anti Inflammatory Foods List

This isn’t a detailed list of specific foods for you to memorize. This is a list of characteristics that leverage you to understand the underlying system that defines anti inflammatory foods. You can apply this list to determine if any food is anti-inflammatory.

Anti inflammatory foods are:

  • unprocessed, whole, not messed with at all (i.e. not reduced-fat or pasteurized)
  • organically-grown and seasonal, not genetically modified (they are non-GMO)
  • foods our ancestor ate, and those eaten by traditional cultures that haven’t introduced industrially-produced foods into their diets
  • foods you’d eat if you lived on a smaller non-commercial farm, and foods you’d have eaten if you were a hunter/gatherer/barbaric cave woman or man (but not solely the latter)
  • often colorful (and naturally so)
  • sourced from pastured* animals that eat what they’re supposed to be eating, not commercial feed (grains/corn/soy), or organic “vegetarian” feed (still grains/corn/soy), or other dead/diseased animals
  • rich in unprocessed fats and oils, including saturated fat
  • not necessarily expensive
  • not properly spotlighted in that USDA Food Pyramid we were raised looking at, or even the USDA’s new MyPlate system**

*pastured: allowed to graze in the fresh open air on abundant pesticide-free green grass (for livestock), and grass, seeds, and insects (for poultry) 

**Though the new USDA Guidelines featured in its MyPlate system downplays carbohydrates in comparison to its old Food Pyramid, the change is still too insignificant to combat health problems linked to such consumption

Print that list out and slap it on your refrigerator.

Combine this list with what I detail in my article Inflammation Causing Foods to enhance this anti inflammatory foods list.

List adapted from Erika Herman’s book, Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess: The Untold Story of Healthy Foods.

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