On a recent trip to my local food co-op, I came across a “healthier” processed butter substitute and cheese alternative brand that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (like most all the processed butter substitutes and cheese alternatives out there).

If you eat any processed butter substitute or cheese alternative, or know anyone who does (and it’s highly likely you do), you’ll want to watch this video!

Amongst many things, I offer the lowdown on ideas I discuss in my article The Healthiest Cooking Oil–and then some.

Join me on a virtual guided trip to the grocery store in my video, as I dish about–what else–nutrition hype!

(NOTE: this discussion does not pertain to REAL FOOD substitutes, like coconut oil, palm oil, and coconut butter–only processed butter and cheese substitutes.)

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Image: Copyright 2014 Erika Herman 

    2 replies to "VIDEO: Why You Don’t Want to Eat a Processed Butter Substitute or Cheese Alternative"

    • Krista

      Thank you, thank you Erika! Yet again you have enlightened us with your scientific, and fact based nutrition data. I am a label reader, and I appreciate the thorough explanation of the faux food additives, and their supposed purposes. I would not consume this product to begin with, but now I have your knowledge to pass along to the processed food lovers that I care about. Again, thank you for your dedication!

      • erika

        Hi Krista I am gratified to hear you find my work so valuable, and that you plan to pass it along to those close to your heart. Thank you for being a dedicated reader, and for your comment. It’s an honor and a joy to dedicate myself in this way!

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