Is Maca Root Healthy for All Women

Maca root (also considered a tuber) is indigenous to Peru, and has been used for centuries for its purported healing properties, including balancing women’s hormone imbalances.

However, maca root is not right for all women, despite the mainstream hype that it’s a universal superfood-extraordinaire everyone should be popping as a powder or liquid extract, in capsules, smoothies, coffee, etc.

So Who Is Maca Root Right For?

In truth, some women notice benefits using maca root, while other women don’t notice benefits, and others still may experience an amplification of symptoms. But why?

In this video, you’ll learn which women typically benefit from maca, and which typically don’t.

Maca is typically best for women who have a specific hormone profile.

Maca Root and Women’s Hormone Profiles

Are you a low-estrogen type? Or are you a high-estrogen type? What does this mean in terms of you and maca being a match? And what does it even mean to say you are low or high estrogen–and is doing so an oversimplification? Are there other factors to consider?

Watch my video to learn more!

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