Microwave Oven Dangers

Is all that talk about microwave oven dangers real?

Substantial evidence exists that points to a blaring yes.

I Haven’t Owned a Microwave for Twenty Years

Personally, I haven’t owned a microwave since I was fifteen, when my mother threw ours out.

Then when I moved out of the nest, I never bought one, or used one if it was available outside my home.

Yes, I’ve lived for the past two decades without a microwave.


The only times microwaved food may have slipped into my diet would have to be if a restaurant reheated my food (yup, even decent eateries do this). To avoid this, I generally ask ahead how food-heating takes place.

I recall a wide-eyed friend, who had just learned of my microwaveless kitchenware inventory and history, interrogating me, “So how do you heat food?!”

I replied, “There are these things called stoves and pots and pans.”

He laughed, “I totally forgot about that.”

(There is another way to safely and easily reheat food, so keep reading.)

In short, my microwaved food exposure has been minimal.


Because microwaves use electromagnetic fields to heat food. And that’s not a good thing.

Microwave Oven Dangers

Microwave oven dangers are real and include:

  • Extreme loss of food nutrients–60-90 percent of food value.
  • Drastic reduction of antioxidants–all those good things in foods that promote health and help prevent disease? Yup, nearly gone. I’m talking up to 97 percent gone.
  • Protein denaturing–meaning the structure of protein molecules is damaged, and no longer recognizable as food by your body, promoting a cascade of undesirable biological effects. Denaturing via microwaves occurs to a markedly higher degree than with normal cooking methods
  • Creation of free radicals (read: cancer-causing things) in your food that you then ingest.

Yes, there are studies to back up each of the above claims. To see them and learn more about this topic from the EMF-expert, check out Lloyd Burrell’s to-the-point blog post, Microwave Oven Dangers – What You Need to Know.

I love the work Lloyd Burrell is doing over on his blog ElectricSense. Lloyd offers so much valuable information on a subject we, as members of a planet that is becoming increasingly influenced by unnatural “dirty electricity” and radiation, must learn more about.

If you care about your health, I also think you should subscribe to Lloyd’s blog because…

Microwave Oven Dangers Go Beyond Microwaves

We live in a world that has become EMF-toxic (no, I am not being sensationalist in saying this).

EMFs are everywhere. Microwave ovens, wifi routers, cell phones, cell phone towers, x-ray machines at the airport. The upcoming launch of 5G will create even more intense EMF-toxicity.

So how do you protect yourself in an EMF-toxic world?

How To Protect Yourself in an EMF-toxic World

For starters, throw out your microwave. Don’t ingest food that has been so intensely exposed to EMFs. (Keep reading for my suggested alternative.)

Second, don’t sleep with your cell phone by your bed (mine rests across the room, off, or on flight mode).

Third, don’t put your cell phone close to your head when you talk. For years, I’ve used blue tube earbuds when I talk on my cell phone (note blue tube is different from blue tooth) to reduce EMF exposure from the EMF-beast my cell phone is–and boy can I tell the difference. I’ve tried multiple brands over the years. One I like is the Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headset:

In my video blog, 7 Things Sabotaging Your Blood Sugar Levels, I cite two studies that demonstrate the profound blood sugar and insulin-dysregulating effects of EMFs from even minimal cell phone use.

Fourth, go wired in your home, or at least turn off your wifi at night. Note that if you live in a building, your neighbors’ wifi will still penetrate windows and walls/ceilings/floors. You may also live near cell phone towers (most of us in cities and towns do). But you have to start making your changes at home. Then…

Fifth, suscribe to Lloyd Burrel’s blog and go deeper (there’s a lot more you can and should do on the homefront).

Sixth, talk about what you learn with friends and family. The more we talk about this the more empowered people can be to understand one of the humongous hidden forces that drastically impacts the human health and the health of all biological creatures we share the planet with.

But back to convenient food-reheating…

The Convenient (and Safe) Solution to Reheating Food

To avoid microwave oven dangers and enjoy convenience when it comes to food-reheating, the Hot Logic Portable Oven is the answer.

It conveniently plugs into a regular wall outlet, quickly heats food, and keeps it warm for hours. No funky EMF-business.

It’s very important to buy the Hot Logic versions with the Pyrex dish and the glass-lid and silicone seal. Otherwise you’ll get the Pyrex dish with a plastic lid. Even if a plastic is described as “BPA-free” I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole for regular food storage, let alone heating food under it! (This is a post about EMFs, but know that BPA-free plastics often feature more toxic alternatives). Stick with the glass-lidded version.

The “Mini” Size with 6-cup Pyrex Dish, Glass Lid, and Silicone Seal:

You can also use any 150W power inverter to plug your Hot Logic into your car’s cigarette lighter. Now you can heat food in your car or RV while on the go, camping, or road-tripping. A microwave can’t do that!

Hot Logic does offer a version with a 12-volt cigarette lighter inverter, but you can easily and inexpensively buy one separately. Plus, you might not be able to find the glass-lidded version if you’re looking for the 12-volt adapter version. The glass-lidded version should be your priority; it’s hard to find glass-lidded Pyrex storage containers, let alone one single glass-lidded storage container you can purchase outside of a set. Just buy your own power inverter separately. Besides, you should keep a 150W inverter in your car at all times (read: emergency preparedness).

If you purchase a glass-lidded Pyrex set (see below), you can opt for the bigger 9×13″ Hot Logic (which doesn’t come with any container, but can accommodate a larger container or  multiple smaller containers). (See below for both products.)

Glass-lidded Pyrex food storage container set (don’t be deceived by other sets, 99 percent of them feature plastic lids with plastic seals):

9×13 Hot Logic Family/Casserole Size:


The world of unseen toxins is real. Microwave dangers are real.

But solutions do exist.

Stay informed. Seek guidance. And enjoy your safely heated nutrient-dense food!

From a functional point of view, EMFs are one of many “unseen” and not commonly understood toxins that can trigger a cascade of disease. I discuss this at length in my FREE eBook “The Biggest Mistake Most Health Conscious People Make & Why It’s Not Your Fault“–if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it. Now. I’ll be right here when you get back. (You can download it via any of the opt-in boxes on my site.)

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