What Kinds of Foods Do Goddesses Eat? Your Guide

In last week’s post, I promised I would share with you an easy-peezy guide to understanding how to identify foods that are the bedrock of The Goddess Lifestyle–an anti-inflammatory diet that’s chock full of nutrient-dense foods (read: awesome for weight loss and maintenance, vitality, disease prevention, hormone balancing, and fertility). This week, I’m servin’ up…

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Inflammation: The Root of Disease (and How Goddesses Prevent It)

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. —François de La Rochefoucauld In The Goddess Lifestyle, Goddesses eat a delicious anti-inflammatory diet. Why? Because inflammation is the root of disease. We Goddesses understand disease prevention lies in our hands, and on our plates, especially when we consider that modern disease epidemics are…

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“Healthy”: What Does It Mean Anyway?

Unquestioned answers are more dangerous than unanswered questions. –Krishnamurti                           “I try to eat healthy.” Every time I hear that phrase (and that’s often) my nose detects the scent of a large smelly (albeit innocent) elephant looming somewhere in the room: such an…

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